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How much longer will you wait to live the life you’ve always wanted?

Experience a 'love feels better’ transformation as you work with me, one-to-one, to sort through what is and isn’t working in your marriage and life. My instruction and stories are designed with the support and tools you need to develop clarity around a plan that is 100% you and what you really want. Through our work together, you’ll be motivated to take the necessary action to change your marriage and life.

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The personalized attention and accountability you’ll receive, will ensure that you feel empowered to intentionally design and move toward the life you want vs. living at the effect of everyone around you. As a result of our time together you can look forward to:

• Creating connection with yourself and others
• Having clarity on whether you want to stay or leave
• Letting go of the stories about yourself and others that no longer serve you
• Being proud of yourself at the end of the day
• Not being a people pleaser anymore
• Finally being the ‘good mom’ you’ve always wanted to be
• Feeling at peace in your own home
• Passing on the skills and tools you learn to your kids.
• Staying in the state-of-mind that serves you and your family best
• Processing emotion with grace and truth
• Knowing how to set and keep boundaries
• Becoming a safe person with whom to talk so that your husband and kids want to communicate with you
• Getting rid of your operating manual for your husband
• Knowing the best way to communicate with your husband to connect and make impactful changes

“The main benefit coaching offers is Speed of Transformation.” 

—Shari Davenport

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Love Feels Better

One-to-one Coaching includes:


Working together for 6 months/24 sessions

• This will ensure the skills and habits you develop are really embedded in your life.


Meeting for hourly coaching sessions 3-4 times a month

• As a wife, mom, employee/entrepreneur, etc. you rarely take time for YOU. This hour is all about YOU for a change!


Working through carefully curated worksheets

• This work will complement our sessions’ work and keep you learning and growing throughout the program.


Learning and implementing my many hands-on tools

• This new skill set will enhance and up-level every relationship in your life as well as give you the ability to teach others what you've learned. It will be like having a 'little Shari' riding around on your shoulder for years to come!


Having access to me via email and/or voice messaging between sessions

The Love Feels Better Coaching Process

First, I’ll teach you about your amazing brain. You’ll learn that you are not your thoughts and that your mind has the ability to change the software program of your brain. We all have some 'software viruses' that were installed along the way by parents, teachers, friends, family, partners, and/or our own interpretation of the world. These thoughts, patterns, and issues likely had a very logical beginning—even if it was our five-year-old logic. We don't actually spend a ton of time looking for the exact 'moment of impact' because that can be a wild goose chase and it doesn't actually matter that much. What is more important is that we see how this line of thinking is affecting us TODAY. Is it serving you? Is it useful? Is it helping you show up in a way you are proud of? Is it creating a connection with the ones you love or separation? I’ll teach you how to do this on your own for future reference.

Next, we’ll learn about the power of emotions. Like it or not, they ARE running the show. They are WHY we do or don't do everything. I’ll teach you the most powerful thing you can do with emotions, how to create them and how to actually 'feel your feelings’, which is kind of the key to the universe, believe it or not.

Finally, you’ll learn to coach yourself—See your mind. Stop reacting. Show up with self-control in your conversations, etc. You’ll learn how to turn a fight (yeah, it will still happen for a while, but it’s all good) into a point of connection through a communication approach that is nearly foolproof and the opposite of what you have been told to do—tell him how he makes you feel and then he will magically change. How's that workin' for ya?

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“I never felt Shari judged me, nor did she have an agenda for me to stay or go. She held space for me to discover my own answers. I could now see how I was creating my results and that I don’t have the power to change anyone but me.” 

— Danielle

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