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Love to Stay or Walk Away



You can stop feeling stuck and learn to reconnect with yourself and find clarity—all from a powerful ‘love feels better’ mindset that will empower you to make the necessary changes in your marriage and life, ultimately resulting in the freedom you desire

You Need a Love Feels Better Mindset If You’re:

• Frustrated with your life
 Feeling disconnected from your spouse
 Overwhelmed with your, everyday responsibilities
 Feeling hopeless in your marriage
 Not ever feeling good enough
 Not in touch with who you truly are
 Fearing you will never be happy in your home
 Tolerating things you shouldn’t or don’t want to
 Feeling like a failure in your family/marriage/life

Hi, I'm Shari,

Certified Life and Relationship Coach


I know what it feels like to be miserable in marriage and in life. I’ve been happily divorced and happily married and I’ve learned so much along the way.

I married someone I didn’t even like right out of high school and endured three years of misery until I ended the marriage. I felt good about my decision and I learned that some marriages should just not have happened in the first place.

Then I met Jim, and while I would go on to face and work through some deep-rooted issues within myself, it led to a beautiful marriage and life together—a life of admiration, respect, gratitude and unconditional love. During these years I learned that coming from a mindset of love feels better.

It is now my mission to help clients who are miserable in their marriage and life reconnect with themselves and gain clarity to fully see what is and isn’t working, so that they can be empowered to decide what they want to do to move ahead—all from a powerful ‘love feels better’ mindset that will ultimately bring a life of freedom.

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“He started meeting with Shari. He felt so comfortable talking with her and looked forward to their sessions. I could see a shift in him right away. Please don’t wait to get coaching!”


When You Begin To Live From a Love Feels Better Mindset You’ll:

• Learn to love yourself
Gain clarity on what is/isn’t working in your relationship and life
Figure out what you really want
Stay present and work toward solutions
Move ahead without guilt
Learn to work with your perfect brain/mind to create the results you want
Reignite the love and connection you once had with your spouse (if you decide to stay)
• Feel at peace in your own home

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Leave the fear behind and experience the transformation of a ‘love feels better’ mindset. You’ll reconnect with yourself and get clear on what you really want so you can step out and begin living the life of freedom you’ve been longing for.

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Offering inspiration and encouragement in relationships and life with topics such as “How to Avoid Feeling Resentful” and “What Makes a Fight Good” (and everything in-between!). I bring my humor and insight to create the motivation necessary to start living a life of freedom and joy.

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Learn the Five Lies That Keep You Stuck

It is frustrating to be in a relationship and not know if you should stay or leave. Neither seems like a great choice - but the status quo is getting old too.  See if you are believing any of these lies.

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It feels so much better to feel loving vs. frustrated all of the time.”


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